Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~White Wine~

I used to always drink red wine, until one hot summer day my Mom offered me a nice chilled glass of white wine.  I enjoyed it so much, that I've pretty much switched to white! 

Last Summer, while at an outdoor spa with my Sister...we ordered some wine and cheese in the afternoon.  She, being a red wine drinker, decided to follow my lead and order a glass of white because it was SO hot that day.  The waitress came, we tasted the wine, and we were both blown away with the flavours this wine had!  I just had to ask the waitress to write down what the wine was called.  She told me it was "Astica from Argentina".  And so the search began...not all the LCBO's carry this brand, but keep looking, it's worth it!

Fresh and rather tangy, this wine features grapefruit aromas and a zingy, fruit-filled palate. Goes well with porrk, fish, and chicken.

For only $7.45!!!  Definitely a good pick for the price!!! 

Cheers!  :-)

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